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Capital Project

Hello CLC Family.

One of our core values is authenticity.

That is exactly what I want to be with you … today.


WHY DO WE HAVE CLC Family Talks?

There are times when a family must sit and talk through the needs of life.



The roof over our heads.

Our Goal:



The roof on the CLC building needs repairs in order to protect and steward the building well for the future.

Here are two aerial views of the CLC roof and damage…

Four images of the outside damage of the existing roof…

The outside damage of the existing roof then leads to inside damage…

OUR GOAL is to withdraw approximately $25,000 from our cash reserve while raising $25,000 through the end of August. The total amount of $50,000 should cover the proposal and any additional miscellaneous repairs as they investigate the total damage. Our deadline to complete this project will be before August 21, 2023 (The first day of school for Mogadore). This will ensure a much more open parking lot for this project.

The Facts

  • The existing roof needs to be completely redone.

  • The CLC Board of Directors has sought two separate quotes.

    • CS Roofing ($37,976)

    • WM Roofing ($44,161)

  • The CLC Board of Directors has unanimously approved the proposal received from WM Commercial Roofing as they will do a full tear-off and replacement. While CS Roofing was only able to provide patching.

  • Additionally, Matt, from WM Commercial Roofing personally attended a CLC Board of Directors meeting to invest in us like we would invest in them.
    *You can learn more about WM Commercial Roofing at

  • If we do not fix the roof now, it will continue to do damage to the building and require greater repairs in the near future.

Ways to give

When you give online or by mail, let us know that this gift will be for the "Capital Project"

*We will follow up with Text-To-Give gifts, as there is no way to indicate that it is for the Capital Project this way

Give Online

Give by Text

Give by Mail

Next Steps

Pray. Seek the Lord. Ask God to show you an amount to give to the care of our building.


Look over your budget. Allow the Lord to show you where this amount fits into your finances.


Share. Once you have heard from the Lord and looked over your budget, it is now time to share the resources God has given you. 

 *Be sure to indicate that it is for a Capital Project.

Questions you might have

  1. Do we have a savings fund we can use for the full amount?

    We do have enough money in our cash reserve to cover the full amount. However, as an independent church family we do not have a denomination to fall back on if our funds and sharing drop below what is needed to continue ministry in Mogadore. Therefore, the CLC Board of Directors does not believe it to be wise to withdraw that much from our cash reserves. If we can raise half (Approximately $25,000) it will keep our church family in a stronger position.

  2. Is this really a vital need?

    Yes, it is. From what the roofing experts tell us, there is much damage already. If we continue to delay this repair, the damage will only get more severe. There are already leaks and visible damage over the main auditorium.

  3. Does the approved company have good reviews?

    Yes. They have a 4.7 out of 5.0 Star Rating from 31 Google reviews.

  4. Where is WM Commercial Roofing located?

    They are out of New Philadelphia, OH.

  5. Once the project beginnings, how long should it take? 

    The project of removing the existing roof system and replacing it with a new one should be about one week.

  6. Would the project come with a warranty?

    Yes, it will come with two warranties.

    Once the repairs are completed, we will receive a 20-year Labor and Material manufacturer’s warranty from Carlisle SynTec (the manufacturer providing the product).

    WM Commercial Roofing will provide their Umbrella Care Program for free during the first two years following completion of the job. They will keep an eye on the product through physical inspections. 

  7. Is this project time sensitive?

    Yes, the roof system currently in place is failing and causing damage on the inside. Also, we would like to get this done before school begins for Mogadore. That way we will have plenty of parking lot space for the project.

  8. At the end of the year, will CLC still ask for an end-of-year financial gift?

    CLC will not be sending out giving letters at the end of the year. This request to the church family would fulfill the end-of-year gift.

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