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We have the incredible opportunity to vote for a new member to the Board of Directors for Community Life Church, who has agreed to serve for a 2-year term.


 The nominees before you have been recommended through the nominating committee and prayed over by the current Board of Directors and Lead Pastor.

Pray over the nominees for the next two weeks using this information guide. Let God show you their heart for Jesus, CLC, and the surrounding communities.

Then, on March 17, 2023, the voting ballot will be presented online at for 24 hours beginning at 8 am. If you do not have internet access, a voting ballot will be available in the lobby for ONE DAY ONLY. CLC is looking for you to CHOOSE ONE. If you do not know if you are an OFFICIAL CLC FAMILY MEMBER vote anyway, we will review the roster and verify for you.

Ben Ickes

I am a father to 2 wonderful kids who I love more than anything. I am married to my beautiful, loving wife of 12 years. I coach the church softball team with my good friend Christina Legg. I love playing sports. I also have a desire to study Bible prophecy (eschatology). I love to see how things God spoke thousands of years ago are still coming true to this day. It's exciting to see world events and how they tie into what the Bible already predicted. I want to serve on the BOD because I believe the church family should do all they're called to do to ensure the proper running of the church and spreading God's message.

Lynn Gullicks

My name is Kay Lynn Gullicks but my nearest and dearest call me Aunt Lynnie. I am 46 years old and work at a law firm in Beachwood that specializes in veterans’ law and elder care. You will find me most Sundays buzzing through the congregation and giving out hugs. I look forward to meeting you! I want to serve on the BOD because I would love to give back to the church that has given me so much. It was an honor just to be nominated. I am going to keep serving our church family no matter the decision.

Voting will be available March 17th

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