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Discipleship Tools


Married For Life Conference

An annual 2-day conference for couples to build their marriage together!

Weekend to Remember Conference

A faith-based 3-day marriage conference for couples looking to grow together in oneness.

Vision Retreat Guidebook

Establishing a yearly vision for your marriage and family.

General Resources

Some podcasts and articles geared toward marriage and growing together.


Family Camp

A time to get away with your family, relax, rejuvenate, and remember why you love each other.

The Character of God

A 30-day kids and family Bible study focuses on the character and attributes of God.

General Resources


Some general podcasts and articles for anyone in the family.


The Disciple-Making Parent

A Comprehensive Guidebook for Raising Your Children to Love and Follow Jesus Christ


Camp for 3rd-12th Grade

Camp Carl is fully committed to partnering with families in the nurturing, development, and guidance of students through their positive, energetic emphasis on a personal relationship with God through Christ Jesus.

Retreat for College-Age

A programmed weekend retreat by Camp Carl for college-aged young adults who want to meet new people and learn more about Christ.


Father-Son Retreat

A weekend retreat where they focus on Fathers and their Sons, carving out time for intentional activities together, good food, and worshipping the Lord alongside one another.

Discipleship Guide

This guide will help you establish a healthy discipleship relationship where all involved will grow in spiritual maturity.

Women's Retreat

This Authentic Intimacy Retreat is just for women! Dr. Juli Slattery will be speaking at Camp Carl during this 3-day, 2-night retreat about intimate discipleship.

Mom's Weekend

Camp is FUN. Why should that fun be limited to just your kids. This is a great opportunity for Moms to come together and have fun with other Moms!

Discipleship Guide

This guide will help you establish a healthy discipleship relationship where all involved will grow in spiritual maturity.

On Purpose Conference

A gathering for local women, uniting them in worship, prayer, and dismantling the pedestals we tend to place one another on.


Camp Carl Retreats

Several opportunities for individuals and groups to spend time away growing in faith and learning through discipleship.

Preaching the Gospel to Yourself Study

This study will look at how we can practically grow in our faith as we preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to ourselves.

Living By The Book

The art and science of reading the Bible.

Living By The Book Workbook

The art and science of reading the Bible. A booklet to guide you through inductive Bible study. Observe, Interpret, Apply!

Learn About Having Freedom in Christ

The purpose of the prayers suggested in the Steps to Freedom is to help focus on the important areas of truth found in the Scriptures.

Set Up a Freedom in Christ Appointment

This is an in-person appointment with 2 individuals, of your same gender, who help you work through this guided prayer and will also pray for you and with you.


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