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Check our HAPPENINGS page for upcoming gathering opportunities!


If your family's season of life involves little ones, simply come to the lobby for check-in. One of our Family Life Coaches will be there to welcome and guide you. Check-in begins at 8:40 am.

You will head upstairs or downstairs to take your child to their age-appropriate class.  We ask that only one parent/guardian per child come to the classroom for drop-off and pick-up.

In our infants - 2nd grade environments, you and your child will get a tag that has a number on it. One part of the tag will be placed on your child and the other one is for you to keep and show at pick up.
Your child will enjoy their time learning about how they are so loved by Jesus and growing their confidence in who Jesus created them to be. We offer activities, singing, playtime, and a snack. All following the COVID-19 recommendations. 

After we gather, you will report back to your child’s environment with your tag. The coach will then reunite you and your child with your tag. 

We ask that no outside food, drinks, or toys be brought into the KIDlife and STUDENTlife environments.

If your family's season of life does not currently involve little ones, simply come to the lobby and one of our lobby hosts will welcome and guide you or you can simply take a seat in the auditorium.


At Community Life Church we believe the family is the foundation of a healthy community. Therefore, we aim to empower parents and children alike through all seasons of life. CLC is passionate about our Family Gatherings.


Each Sunday at 9 and 11 am our families gather to participate in the same environment together. From 7th grade through adulthood, we integrate people to belong in all capacities. At any time, you will not only see adults on stage or behind-the-scenes but also our young people.


Families will now have the opportunity to hear the same message, worship with the same music, and share resources through the same platforms. Of course, our young people still need to connect with each other. We have you covered.


During our 9 AM gathering, Kiddos from infant - 2nd grade are welcome to grow in our KIDlife environments located on the upper level of the building, and students in 3rd - 6th grade are invited to gather in our STUDENTlife environment in the lower level.

We are a community church family. We believe the lives we live are all interconnected. We understand the importance of caring for ourselves AND those around us. We aim to connect with anyone and everyone regardless of history, lifestyle or ethnicity.


Want to know the best part? Regardless of what you've been through or what questions you might have about God and faith, our church family is a safe place. Thank you for having the courage to reach out in person or online!  We are so happy that you made the decision to explore Community Life Church. Let's chat!

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