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Grow Curriculum Habit Tracker App!

It's an app that tracks your spiritual habits! This tool will grow you spiritually, alongside your church family. Whether it's prayer, gathering at a worship service, reading the Bible, or loving people with  their actions, this app will help you set goals and then track your progress. This app was built with real strategic (and safe) ways for everyone to share their spiritual habits with people they trust so they can encourage and celebrate each other when they make progress on their spiritual habits and in their spiritual growth. (Oh, and for individuals who don't want to use an app, we have some paper spiritual habit-trackers for you too!)



WEEK ONE (11/6)

Discuss: When you need to apologize, which part is most difficult for you and why:
Understanding the other person's perspective?
Saying the right thing?
Making a change?

WEEK TWO (11/13)

Discuss: Without naming names, is there anyone you're struggling to forgive right now?
What's making that so difficult for you?

WEEK THREE (11/20)

Discuss: Which of these questions is easiest for you to think about and which is most difficult? Why do you think that is?

-How has God forgiven you?

-Who do you need to forgive?

-Who needs help forgiving you?


Each week, we will have guided discussion tools to equip LIFEgroup leaders to facilitate their groups. This is a great resource to dig deeper during the week on the message from our Sunday worship gatherings.

Download this weeks guide!

Download last weeks guide!



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